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- Hexavalent Chromium free
- Trivalent chrmoium passiviation for aluminiunm 
- Ready to use solution for spray and wipe application
- Viscous adjusted solution for better and longer moistening
- Excellent bare corrosion protection, comparable to hexavalent passivations
- Suitable as pre-treatment before lacquering, powder coating and gluing
- Produces an iridescent, faintly blue to tan and visible layer
- SurTec 650 RTU meets or exceeds MIL-DTL-81706 and MIL 5541 for bare corrosion (336 h in NSS per ASTM B-117, respectively, DIN 50021 SS)
- Low contact resistance: < 5000 µOhm per square inch per MIL-DTL-81706B (as SI unit: < 32.25 mOhm · cm2)
- Heat resistant up to 100°C with minimal loss in corrosion resistance